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gender discrimination in publishing

In this groundbreaking study, Adam Kapelner and I explore patterns of discrimination in publishing by both publishers and indie authors and consider what they mean for discrimination in the gig economy.

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russian information operations

With seed money from the Army Cyber Institute’s Insider Threat Research program, MAJ Jessica Dawson and I are studying Russian Information Operations’ targeting of veterans and active-duty service members. 

high performance work environments

My team’s findings underscore the potential benefits for providers, patients, and health care organizations of designing work environments that value and support a broad range of employees as having essential contributions to make to the care process and their organizations.

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code green

My book Code Green: Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing (Cornell, ILR: 2003) describes the merger and restructuring of the Beth Israel and Deaconess Hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts,  at a time when the hospital was losing over a million dollars a week.

Nursing, once a cornerstone of Beth Israel’s excellent reputation for patient care, was hard hit by the changes. Yet the nurses on the front line of patient care struggled to be heard when changes threatened care quality and patient safety.

This book examines the conflict between nurses and administrators, the consequences for nurses’ work and patient care, and the steps nurses and other healthcare workers can take to advocate for themselves and patients.

Critical Praise

Winner of the 2009 Connecticut Nurses’ Association Media Award, Code Green has been translated into Japanese and Korean

Sins of a spy series

“… The Americans meets Bridge of Spies”


1985. In Moscow’s beleaguered Jewish community, an informant for the CIA and an undercover KGB agent match wits. He’ll stop at nothing. Neither will she.

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